Waking up to the smell of a delicious concoction of Chinese herbs, I realized I had just passed out in an acupuncture clinic. I slowly rise with the help of Mrs. Jane Shlensky whose shocked face was turning into a bright smile. I mumble a few words then we both burst into laughing. Mrs. Shlensky is by far the most effective teacher I have ever had in my 23 years of life. When I went off to boarding school my junior year in high school I was lost in the rigorous academics that were set before me. I was losing weight, sleep, and an overall self-confidence. The only thing that was keeping hope alive was my 3rd period class, American Literature with Mrs. Shlensky. She opened up class with a great American musical hit, somehow perfectly twisted it to compliment the text we were reading, and still was able to leave room for her students to discover themselves. Senior year, without much interest in Asian Studies, I signed up for Asian Literature and History, a class that Mrs. Shlensky taught to seniors. I was only required to take two trimesters, but without a blink of my eye, I signed up