How could I motivate you for a new year of school? How could I convince you that class could somehow be just as exciting as a summer vacation? How could I help you see the long-term benefits of getting an education when most of us can’t see what we will be doing next week? I admit, sometimes I am part of the “us” that can’t see what I will be doing in the short future. Traditionally, when you look for someone to be a motivator, you look for someone who has dedicated their life and their energy to what they are motivating you to do. I am not that individual. People that don’t know me, they would never believe that I dropped out of high school. They would say I look like your “all-American, blond haired boy.” Only to find out to their disbelief, that they are wrong. In my junior year of high school, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I quit school. However, I did the hard thing… I went back. My name is Brett Campo and I am an ex-high school dropout. There were many factors that influenced my decision to drop out. Ultimately,