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4.4 speed

One of the most important things I learned is that practice makes perfect. I say this because I used to be the slowest person in the school. Therefore, I started practicing on my speed, getting my legs stronger, and doing so because I wanted to get faster. As the days went on, I recognized that I was getting faster after all the hard work I been putting in. One day at school in P.E. our class had to do a foot race, and I came off on top. Now I am one of the fastest persons in the school -if not the fastest! Therefore, I say practice makes perfect: if you want to get perfect at something keep on practicing to get better and better. Most people learn from any and everyone. Everyone has their own way of learning it just depends on how you do it. I learn a lot of ways: listening to others and doing as told, but mostly from my caring teachers, coaches, friends, and relatives. They have all said to me at some time or another: “All you have to do is set your mind to it, and you will achieve.” I mostly learn by

Writing Comes In Handy

My most important thing learned in life it is writing. Because every day you always have to write something. Also you need to learn how to type on a computer. When I was in the first grade I wanted to write a letter to my mom and I didn’t know how to spell some of the words. Which made it really hard and to top it off I just learned how to write in general so that made it tougher. So I had to get my first grade teacher to help me and it just made the process a lot harder and longer! It took me about almost a whole week to just write a note to my mom. It wasn’t even a long on or that hard of one, it was just something that I wanted to do since it was my first letter to anyone and I wanted it to be to my mom. When I was a little bit older I had to learn how to type. That was a good thing and that is the other best thing that I have learned in my life. Because there are a lot of people in the world that

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