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The Jacket

I think people learn by listening to other people and their stories. I learn a lot from my parents and their stories. The ideal learning place is everywhere. To create more learning environments is to know you don’t have to create them; they’re everywhere. I have a problem in that I’m not confident in myself. I don’t like the way I look or feel. But that has all changed because of my family and friends and my “everywhere” lesson. I always wear my favorite blue sweater because I feel like it hides me so people can’t really see what I look like. Which is a good thing because well there more to love with me. So all of my friends and family always tell me to take my jacket off, but I can’t. Every day I unzip it a little but by the end of the day it’s all way back up again and I feel like I’m getting nowhere. However, a couple of months ago I forgot my jacket at home and so I was left with nothing to cover myself with. And that day was awesome because everyone told me I looked really cute. The next day, I

Steven’s Learning Story

Learning is the ability to gain knowledge and remember how to do the same thing the next time without any help. The most important thing that I learned by listening to the teacher was that you have friends wherever you go. I learned this under the circumstance that I have made friends in places that I have been to. I learned this by going to school and learning who I talk to. An ideal learning environment looks like a room full of textbooks, students, and an teacher. We can create an ideal learning environment by helping our friends understand a problem better and be able to explain it to them if they have any questions. I want to learn all that I can by the end of the school year. I would consider teaching this because kids that have friends there to help them sometimes do better in school than they do on their own.

Learning How to Write

People learn in different ways but I learn by listening and remembering what the subject is. I think the most important thing I have learned is how to write. Writing is important because you need to know how to write to get through life. You need to know how to write your name your addresses and other information application. And you need to write your name when you sign your checks, just to name a few things. I feel a great learning environment has to be somewhere quiet, and one way to create this is to let everyone know they need to be quiet. This can help you learn better. I learned how to write at school, my 1st grade teacher showed me how to write. If I could learn something else I would like to find a way to teach someone how to read every one learns differently and some faster than others. I would want to help the ones that need more time because everyone deserves to learn to read and write.

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