Growing up in Arlington Heights, Illinois (outside of Chicago), I struggled with learning. Being made fun of by classmates and teachers as well was an everyday occurrence. It was clear to my parents that I was not a dumb child but no one could seem to get me to learn in the manner or the way that the “Normal Kids” were learning. My second grade teacher, Mrs. Stein, went as far as to tell my parents not to expect me to get anything higher than a second grade education. I just could not keep up, comprehend and/or retain at the same level that my classmates were learning. My fourth grade teacher, Miss Jones, because I struggled following along on those stupid learning story strips that were projected on the wall, proceeded to call me “Stupid” in front of my entire class, all this because I could not follow the reading as it was going too fast and hence I could not answer the comprehension questions at the end. I was mortified as any child or adult would be! It was not until the Saviors of my education came in the fifth grade. We got a new special education teacher, Mrs.