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Scholarships Can Go Away Easily

I learned a very valuable lesson from a very important person in my life: my Dad. My Dad was a very talented athlete when he was in high school. When I meet old coaches of his, they tell me he was an awesome player and he had great character. They also say he had colleges calling about him all of the time. I thought this was very weird because my dad didn’t go to college. So, one day, I went to ask my dad why he didn’t go to these colleges. He just told me to stay away from bad crowds because they will get you in trouble. Learning more of his story taught me one of the most important lessons of my life. One Saturday night, after a big state championship baseball game against Gwinnett County, my state-championship-baseball-playing dad decided he wanted to go out and get drunk. Of course, my grandparents told him to do as they tell him and not go out but my dad disobeyed them and did it anyway. Why my dad did this I will never know. One thing I will always remember is my grandpa telling me the night your father disobeyed me

Learning a Lesson

I was in the fifth grade at Barnett Shoals Elementary School, a small elementary school in Athens, Georgia. My best friend was Alexis. We’ve been friends since third grade, and we became very close. I didn’t have that much when I was a kid. Even though she was my friend, I wanted her purse because I didn’t have one. I wanted to fit in with the rest of my friends. I decided to steal her purse and cut it to make it seem like it wasn’t hers. I knew as soon as I had taken it that I had done the wrong thing. Some people make bad decisions before thinking it through which makes things complicated. Once they do something wrong, they get in trouble and should learn not to do it again. There are consequences for every bad action. When I went back to school, she found out that I stole her purse, and she did not want to be my friend anymore. I was sad because I lost my best friend over something I had done. A couple of weeks later we weren’t talking which really frustrated me. As soon as I saw her, I started crying. After

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