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My Lesson Learned

When I was in 6th grade, I felt like I was on top of the world. My best friend, Julia, and I were very close. We had been friends since the first day of our 5th grade year. We always hung out together, and we just had tons of fun. Around the beginning of September a girl had moved to our school. Her name was Kristen, and she had math class with Julia and me. We all became really good friends. Kristen and I started hanging out a lot, and Julia and I sort of stopped hanging out as much. When Kristen moved here to the county I live in, Julia and I became not so close. We still talked but not like we used to! It made me sad, and Kristen would tell me things that Julia had told her about me that weekend when they were hanging out. They were never good things either. I never asked Julia about them even though it bothered me terribly! I kind of just brushed them away. One weekend in December around Christmas time I was over at Kristen’s house. We were just hanging out having some fun, and then all of


Things you learn in life are very important. When you have an experience good or bad what you take away from it is what you learn. There are many different circumstances you can learn from. I think the most important way to learn is by communication and learning what can happen if you miscommunicate. There are many times in life miscommunication happens. It’s always good to ask if you’re not sure about what you think you’ve heard. For example, I was working for my uncle and we miscommunicated. He called me when I was out doing something. So I honestly wasn’t paying full attention but THOUGHT I heard what he wanted me to do. The next day I was at his house working-he knows that I most enjoy working and learning with my hands- and I just knew he told me to clean up the back yard, but, honestly, I wasn’t sure what he meant. Did he want me to clean the pool area or the whole backyard. Not knowing-because I hadn’t really heard what he had said- I just cleaned the whole yard. When he got home he saw I had cleaned it all. But then, to my horror,


My skill started when I first got my Playstation 3 for Christmas two years ago and I played by myself until I played against Travis Hill and got admitted in the 7o6 Playstation Network clan. Although he beat me thirty to twenty-one, he still thought that I was good enough to join. I didn’t always play with Travis on Playstation, it was maybe five months before I started playing with Travis, and I think that I got good enough by playing that time by myself, and I didn’t really know the meaning of teamwork at first and I quickly figured out that the 7o6 clan was a very teamwork-based clan, especially after I got chewed out by all of the other, more experienced members, but then I proved myself to the entire team by winning an important match against one of our rivals with a 4 v. 1 clutch (a clutch is just when a player by themselves beats at least four of the other players on the other team). The only reason that I chose this as the most important skill is because of the things that it taught me by playing with teamwork, which are basic things like


Communication is the most important thing I’ve ever learned. If you think about it, there would be no way to function in society without it. Everything would be chaotic. Everyone usually learns how to communicate in their early childhood, but few ever notice the importance of it. I learned the importance of communication about three years ago. My best friend has a deaf sister. I always would watch them sign to each other and not have a clue what they were saying. One day my friend hadn’t come to school and her little sister came up to me and started signing. I had no idea what she was trying to say, and I must have looked confused because she pulled out some paper and started writing. She had come to tell me that my friend was in the hospital again. It felt so weird not being able to understand someone, so after that day I started learning sign language. My friend and her sister started teaching me. It’s different because you have to learn an entirely new language and be aware of your hands, arms and your facial expressions when you sign. I actually think it’d be a great idea

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