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  • During the five years I was in residence at Children's Hospital in Washington DC, we did only one major performance. ... Continue Reading

  • I entered the field of education along with my son, Aaron. When he entered ... Continue Reading

  • Remember when you were a kid and everything was new and interesting? When you opened your eyes each day to ... Continue Reading

  • Elizabeth Gallo's Learning Story My learning story is also about teaching. After spending some years teaching high school English, I took ... Continue Reading

  • Waking up to the smell of a delicious concoction of Chinese herbs, I realized I had just passed out in ... Continue Reading

  • I'd always had a love of Chinese culture. Growing up in suburban Chicago, I heard, at an early age, my ... Continue Reading

  • Thirty-five years ago, I was struggling to pass English. Last year I became a published author. How did I find ... Continue Reading

  • Many of the most significant learning moments in my life have happened to me throughout my 17 years as a ... Continue Reading

  • One of the most educational experiences of my undergraduate years occurred during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. ... Continue Reading

  • Most of my education was spent in long hours of frustration. I had learning difficulties from the very beginning. ... Continue Reading

  • My maternal grandmother was my most effective teacher. Her life and the decisions she made as a young adult served ... Continue Reading

  • As a high school student council leader I was determined to eradicate all injustice; yesterday. For me, as an ... Continue Reading

  • I'm a student at Olympic High School in North Carolina, I have been greatly influenced by a teacher in the ... Continue Reading

  • My young immigrant parents came to the United States from Pakistan in hopes of achieving the American Dream, for the ... Continue Reading

  • I grew up in a space in-between. A mixed race child who predominantly spoke Mandarin and "Chinglish" until about the ... Continue Reading

  • I often return to the site of my childhood elementary school in South Baltimore. As I sit there, next to railroad ... Continue Reading

  • In the fall of 2003, I started my junior year of high school with an 8th grade education level and ... Continue Reading

  • Great teachers share one common goal the audacity to believe that children can and will go as far as ultimately ... Continue Reading

  • Our mama taught us how to be simultaneously brave and pliant, and we found ourselves in this winning combination. Mama Annie ... Continue Reading

  • I have a 40 year career worth of stories, and appreciate this site. "Blaming the Kids" wrongly protects the schools ... Continue Reading

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