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Kaitlin McGuire's Learning Story

i go to buckeye local high school in ohio. in my classes theres a lot of kids that do not care about school. they find ... Continue Reading

Kara Harrison's Learning Story

My senior year in high school our school district did several different things. For one, we moved into a brand new high school halfway through ... Continue Reading

Cynthia Johnson's Learning Story

I was in third grade and when I sat on top of the monkey bars on the playground, I could look out over the whole ... Continue Reading

Claudia Diaz's Learning Story

Trying to think back of just one person who was instrumental in helping me learn is not an easy task. I think the ones ... Continue Reading

Leah Simpson's Learning Story

I teach gifted students, k-12, in a small school. So, i have the easy job right? Wrong. If you have not worked ... Continue Reading

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