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Jennifer Pieratt's Learning Story

My name is Jennifer Pieratt and I am a 10th grade teacher at High Tech High North County in San Marcos, CA. I believe that ... Continue Reading

Rose Ann Franzone's Learning Story

It was in Saint Mary's High School in Rutherford,NJ. My American History teacher, Sister Virginia Pierre. We had been studing the Great Depression, it was ... Continue Reading

Sitembiso Ncube's Learning Story

I felt safe and comfortable around her. I was eager to go to school every day because I just couldn't wait to be in my ... Continue Reading

Amy Estersohn's Learning Story

I attended a public school that taught me how to love learning and how to question my surroundings. My fifth grade art teacher would ... Continue Reading

Rebecca Creel's Learning Story

I attended a private Christian school, Tower Grove Christian School from pre-school through 12th grade. I have many memorable, teachable moments in my history ... Continue Reading

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