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Gladys Acosta-Melendez's Learning Story

I was lucky to have had some great teachers. However, one stands out in my mind and in my heart because she helped me through ... Continue Reading

Dan Condon's Learning Story

Eight years ago, I founded Eagle Rock's Teaching Fellowship Program in collaboration with Public Allies, Inc. and under the auspices of Eagle Rock's Professional Development ... Continue Reading


I am a Title 1 tutor. Two years ago, I was fortunate to be assigned to third grade only at my building. Our ... Continue Reading

Elise Walton's Learning Story

The most effective teacher I had in high school was a man by the name of Mr. Petherick. Mr. Petherick was my 8th grade ... Continue Reading

Miranda, Kati, Alex EDU 201's Learning Story

In our Education 201 class the professor helped us learn by breaking us up into groups. We first were broken up by the age group ... Continue Reading

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