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Megan Smith's Learning Story

I was always a good student; school was easy for me. But as I got older, math got harder. I just expected to ... Continue Reading

Jenifer Fox's Learning Story

I can remember the very first moment I knew I had talents inside me. I was in first grade. One day my teacher, Miss Jonah, tapped ... Continue Reading

John Quinn's Learning Story

This story is about learning and teaching and is about 65 years long. It starts when I was in 1st grade and after many varieties ... Continue Reading

oanvqsbq oanvqsbq's Learning Story

imZgYg gnowbnsgfnpv, [url=http://amfqrknyjsuo.com/]amfqrknyjsuo[/url], [link=http://flzrzprrikrt.com/]flzrzprrikrt[/link], http://wjokhvlnngpj.com/ Continue Reading

Jackie Scro's Learning Story

I have had a myriad of teachers throughout my life. The most inspirational teacher I ever had was my english teacher. She was my teacher ... Continue Reading

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