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Flunking Out to Figure It Out

I was a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, and I had just gotten back into school after flunking out my freshman year, so I ... Continue Reading

Randy Ross’ Learning Story

I believe that learning is optimized when every student has an effective educational advocate(s). In my experience, great educational advocacy is exemplified by stalwart ... Continue Reading

Scott Thompson’s Learning Story

When I was a senior in high school, I experienced an intellectual awakening that prepared me for college and lifelong learning as nothing else had. During ... Continue Reading

What a Difference a Word Makes

In 9th grade my English teacher would say to us, "PEOPLE, we are going to begin an essay today." At first I thought it was a ... Continue Reading

Gerlma A.S. Johnson's Learning Story

My learning story takes place during a serene summer on my front porch. I was seven years old. Having been empowered with the ... Continue Reading

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