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Kelli Moreno's Learning Story

Oh Kathy Harris! Your love of literture was contagious! Circa 1986, and there I sat in your American Literature class in rural Ohio. Completely turned ... Continue Reading

Maria McGugan's Learning Story

6th grade- Miss Brooks- I finally knew I had new things to learn. She encouraged me to soar, even if I had to do ... Continue Reading

Betsy Caruso's Learning Story

My most significant educational experience came years after I'd left my formal schooling. It wasn't until my own children were school aged that I learned ... Continue Reading

Elizabeth Gallo's Learning Story

Elizabeth Gallo's Learning Story My learning story is also about teaching. After spending some years teaching high school English, I took a break to raise my ... Continue Reading

Heather Harding's Learning Story

Great teachers share one common goal the audacity to believe that children can and will go as far as ultimately capturing the mysteries of outer ... Continue Reading

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