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Jennifer Best's Learning Story

The first two years of my schooling I really hated it. Then I got into third grade with Mrs. Cagle and it was a year ... Continue Reading

Brian Jeffrey's Learning Story

In all my years of education, from kindergarten through grad-school, the person who was most instrumental in helping me learn was Sylvia Butler, who I ... Continue Reading

Mary Mayfield's Learning Story

My Third grade teacher Ms. Hudson influenced me greatly. She taught us about the audobon society and about the DDT that was killing birds as ... Continue Reading

Gil Narro Garcia's Learning Story

Hispanic and Middle Class---I grew up in South Texas in the 50's in a middle class neighborhood. This revelation frequently generates looks of incredulity! Families ... Continue Reading

Liz Lerman's Learning Story

During the five years I was in residence at Children's Hospital in Washington DC, we did only one major performance. On that day they brought ... Continue Reading

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