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Tatyana Varshavsky's Learning Story

I recently saw the Gates report ' A Silent Epidemic, which chronicled the real reason public schools fail to graduate and adequately prepare our young ... Continue Reading

Samantha H's Learning Story

Some teachers I have had during my time as a student have had a profound impact on my ability to learn and my willingness to ... Continue Reading

The Fixer's Learning Story

Our school is alright,but,we have no freedoms or clean bathrooms.If you have everseen the movie accepted, you would get the message. Also,the student's have a ... Continue Reading

Kate Hennessey's Learning Story

The Empty Classroom: What role does democracy have in education? By Kate Hennessey One main goal of education is democratic citizenship. Democracy is based ... Continue Reading

Barbara Brayboy's Learning Story

It was my mother and dad who instilled in me my love for learning and a desire to become a teacher. I loved learning and ... Continue Reading

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