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mitch rein's Learning Story

In the 9th grade I had a geometry teacher that was the most effective teacher i have ever had. He had a great way of ... Continue Reading

Michelle and ashley D and M's Learning Story

We learned through hands on activity. One of our favorite activities involved a marshmellow and the students patience. Our professor gave us each one marshmellow ... Continue Reading

Brett Campo's Learning Story

How could I motivate you for a new year of school? How could I convince you that class could somehow be just as exciting as ... Continue Reading

Shayla Akamine's Learning Story

My name is Shayla Akamine. I hail from a city that everyone believes is just casino's and hotels. About two years ago, I learned a lot in ... Continue Reading

Reuben Rivas' Learning Story

Perhaps the teachers who have made the biggest impact on me, both in and out of the classroom, are Mr. Michael Clapp and his wife ... Continue Reading

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