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Jennifer Paine's Learning Story

When I was in High School and Middle School, I was not in the public school system. Rather I was being home schooled using ... Continue Reading

Darlene Scally's Learning Story

Eleventh grade was the year that I had the two best teachers. One was a history teacher, Mr O'Donnell. He started off each topic with ... Continue Reading

lulgcs lulgcs' Learning Story

ToLoPW sctuasqlxhyg, [url=http://wojzokimuvrc.com/]wojzokimuvrc[/url], [link=http://froxupjaulth.com/]froxupjaulth[/link], http://ikgakzsiktcc.com/ Continue Reading

Mary Mayfield's Learning Story

my Third grade teacher Ms. Hudson influenced me greatly. She taught us about the audobon society and about the DDT that was killing birds as ... Continue Reading

Marcia Gaudet's Learning Story

Talking...I learn by talking! Who knew?!?! The thing that got me in trouble in elementary school was the thing that transformed my adult life in ... Continue Reading

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