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Kenneth Bernstein’s Learning Story

Can we call this learning how important it is to empower students? My last year at Kettering Middle School, where I first taught, I ... Continue Reading

“The Child is Father to the Man”

"The Child is Father to the Man." That's what Wordsworth wrote, and some months ago a three-year-old youngster demonstrated the truism (I want to pun it, ... Continue Reading

Patrick Ip's Learning Story

I just completed an eight-week intensive summer course at the University of Chicago--- taking classes ranging from Sociology to Grammar to the Philosophy of Modern ... Continue Reading

Margaret Quintas' Learning Story

Back at Kiley Middle School in Springfield, MA I had a teacher who simply went by Mr. P. He was an English teacher and ... Continue Reading

Denise Carver's Learning Story

I had the best Spanish Teacher, Brenda Batey, at Long Beach High School. She was the closest I had ever known to a gypsy in ... Continue Reading

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