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Steven Birkeland’s Learning Story

My story is true and from the heart. In the Fall of 2009, I began the journey into my next step of my educational career. ... Continue Reading

William Owings’ Learning Story

The year was 1988 and I was a new high school principal in Franklin County, Virginia. The school had problems - a high drop out ... Continue Reading

“I am not going to teach you any differently!”

Perhaps the most significant, life-determining learning experience happened in the eleventh grade in Mrs. Eli's class in my West Texas hometown high school named San ... Continue Reading

Megan Smith's Learning Story

I was always a good student; school was easy for me. But as I got older, math got harder. I just expected to ... Continue Reading

Jenifer Fox's Learning Story

I can remember the very first moment I knew I had talents inside me. I was in first grade. One day my teacher, Miss Jonah, tapped ... Continue Reading

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