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Bruce Price's Learning Story

I tell this story because I think you won't want to use it, but you should. I went to one of the country's best private ... Continue Reading

Eldon Rosenow's Learning Story

Most of my education was spent in long hours of frustration. I had learning difficulties from the very beginning. At the school psychologist's ... Continue Reading

My Parents, My Teachers

As a child of immigrant parents, neither of whom graduated from high school, I have often wondered how it was possible that all six of ... Continue Reading

It had already been a long school year and it wasn’t half over.

It had already been a long school year and it wasn't half over. I was vice president of my daughter's elementary school PTA and ... Continue Reading

Paul Leather’s Learning Story

Last summer, I participated in a graduation gateway exhibition of a young man, "Patrick", at the Monadnock Community Connections School in Surry, NH. Patrick started ... Continue Reading

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