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Rachel Barnes' Learning Story

The Reverend Charlie Holmes. When I was first assigned to his senior English class, I was struck by his title, and wondered how much ... Continue Reading

Helen Davis' Learning Story

One of the most educational experiences of my undergraduate years occurred during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. I spent the summer working ... Continue Reading

Elaine Leibsohn’s Learning Story

Lantern Floating Ceremony with the Shinnyo-En Foundation summer 2010 It is with enormous gratitude that I write this heartfelt thanks and reflection to my Shinnyo-En family. When ... Continue Reading

“I want to tell my mom about the skunk track!”

"What is that?" the boy asked the old man pointing at a spot in the mud. "Looks like a critter track. I bet you left one ... Continue Reading

Lisa Wininger’s Learning Story

When I was very young, I always liked to run around outside and play in the woods, creeks, fields, and meadows. I found the natural ... Continue Reading

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