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Book Smart

I was four years old and a very independent child. It was after dinner and I needed a band aid for a cut I had ... Continue Reading

The Bees Came Back to Bite Me

I used to catch bees in a manner that would have horrified Pol Pot. Stick in hand, I would march up to any available honeybee ... Continue Reading

The Gig

`“Hey guys! Are you going to our awesome gig tonight? We are gonna rock your socks off!” exclaimed my good friend Cameron. Apparently he and ... Continue Reading

“You will hustle to your position every time”

“On the field!” It’s been twenty-five years, and I can still hear the growling voice of Coach Burkhead yelling at my teammates and me. “Off the field!” It ... Continue Reading

Friends & Fakes

One time while I was in the 7th grade, I was popular and I had a lot of friends. Everywhere I would go somebody was ... Continue Reading

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