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Learning Through Chewing

I was running late, once again, to a group therapy session in a tall glass office building near Georgetown in the District of Columbia, and, ... Continue Reading

Literacy is Powerful

My name is Milton Whitley. I am 57 years old and until five years ago, could barely read or write. School was especially hard for ... Continue Reading

It’s Harder Than It Looks

I remember praying that I could understand why students could not understand how to multiply. Soon after I was trying to help a student multiply, ... Continue Reading

Learning Specialist/Director of Schools Attuned

I have worked as a Learning Specialist for 8 years at an academically aggressive independent Episcopal school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In those 8 years, ... Continue Reading

The story of an Artist misunderstood

I deal with L.D but I believe I am also gifted I have always wanted to go to college. I feel that if I ... Continue Reading

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