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Justen’s Story.

I graduated from the university of New Hampshire in 2005, with a degree in English Teaching. I spent my subsequent years thoroughly enjoying World of ... Continue Reading

Learning how to crack the code on Algebra

In 8th grade, I was enrolled in Algebra 1 at Coronado Middle School in Kansas City, KS without progressing through the standard channels. The adverse ... Continue Reading

Art, designs and friendship!!!

I used to draw really interesting designs around words, like really amazing paintings! This was about 20 years ago in high school and middle school. ... Continue Reading

My New School

The most recent and perhaps most powerful learning community experience has to be the movement to my new school. Change is always hard but who ... Continue Reading

Mr. Halvorson

My most powerful personal experience in a learning community did not take place inside of classroom walls. In fact, ... Continue Reading

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