A few years ago, I had a 5th grade class that I looped up with to 6th grade. We had had two years of class meetings to discuss their problems, issues, and concerns. We had also planned on a field trip across country to visit Washington, D.C., their nation’s capital. The student’s excitement from 5th grade U.S. history drove them to raise over four thousand dollars for the trip. As I always tried to bring in current world events, I mentioned the recent legal case that stemmed from Florida (the names escape me now) where a husband wanted the ability to declare his comatose wife’s life over. The Florida courts stepped in and so did the U.S. Senate. We used this case to discuss the lines within the three separate powers of the government. This is when one the quietest boys in the classroom shared that his 3 year old brother nearly drowned and now has the functioning ability of a 3 month old. His family must drive 300 miles to Los Angeles for oxygen treatments at their expense since the insurance company would only cover one treatment. During a class meeting the students’ conversation drifted to the boy’s