I deal with L.D but I believe I am also gifted I have always wanted to go to college. I feel that if I tried to go to college for art which I love I would be made to take tests and work on math and punctuation. I am 61 years old and I want to be a competitive artist which is difficult because learning and reading about art is difficult. I do not know of any textbooks that have been recorded about art. I like to do abstract art but I also want to understand and use perspective. I have always talked about and shown my interest in art for as long as I can remember. Getting support for being creative is difficult when others don’t realize using this talent was imperative for me. I still want to take college level courses but I feel it is unfair to have to audit a class or be denied the good classes because I am 1. Learning disabled. 2. an senior citizen I would like instead to get credit for my life experiences which are my best credentials. I am an Art Activist and Community Artist recently I have been working