One day I was sitting innocently in my 7th grade English classroom, doing my work, when a woman came into the room, dressed in such a manner that I was forced to deduce that she was clinically insane. She wore a wide green hat that resembled a pancake, a short white cape and voluminous dark green trousers. Tights and black sneakers finished off her ensemble. So here I am wondering what would possess this older woman to dress up in such a ridiculous costume, when all of a sudden she announces that she’s advertising a student show with the local community theatre. I had no idea what she was talking about, and yet I auditioned for the bloody thing and for some reason, despite the fact that: A) It was my first play EVER. B) Not only that, but it was SHAKESPEARE. C) All the other girls were better than me. D) Nearly all the other kids at auditions were HIGH SCHOOLERS (eeeeeeep!!!) E) How on Earth am I going to memorize this speech?!?! I GOT THE LEAD. But I am alive and well today and survived to tell the tale of the Theatre Epiphany. But now that I think