I began a job as an ESL teacher of kindergarten through 6th graders in 1998. I had taken Spanish in college twenty years earlier, and suddenly I had to retrieve it to talk to parents and students who were from Mexico. By talking to the students daily, I gained everyday fluency in Spanish. My students came from Cuba, Guatemala and Mexico. I noticed one 5th grade girl and her 4th grade brother had a strange accent in Spanish, they said they spoke Huacateco, an Aztec Indian language and Spanish was their second language…they only spoke it when they went to town shopping. it was a fascinating dialect , full of strange voiced sounds and I wish I ‘d written down what they taught me. Within a few months, i began to dream in Spanish, because I listened to it all day at school. Later that year, I had a student arrive from Albania. She already knew 4 languages. It took her about two months and she had learned enough English to cope with day to day events, and enough Spanish to tell the talkers to “Callete”. in Spanish! Next I had a 6 year old arrive from Arabia. From Him