Reading has helped me in so many different ways. The one big thing is that it saved my life. Most people would not believe me, but learning how to read can keep you alive. One day I was with my friends walking through the old back roads. We were all bored. Then we came up on an old rock quarry and there were no signs reading “Keep Out” or anything in that manner. So we decided to go in and have fun. And, of course, we had a good time climbing all of the big rocks, the buildings and swimming in the big quarry. It was getting a little late, so we all confirmed it was a good time to leave. And, we all knew we wanted to come back to this place. The next morning we got up and met in our normal hang out spot and thought we should go back. We walked for about thirty minutes before we saw the first big dump truck. About fifteen minutes later, we saw the quarry. Everyone was saying that it would be cool to see the people work and I also thought it would be. We turned the corner and