When I was in seventh grade, my dad didn’t come home much. Sometimes, he was away for days. I remember always telling my brothers he was out saving the world when really he was out building houses and doing things I didn’t know he did. My brothers were still sad. I always made up some kind of story about what he was doing to make them feel better. My mom was never sad; at least she didn’t show it. She is a strong and independent woman who never worried. I love her so much. My dad is a loving and caring man. He would never do anything to hurt us. Honestly he is scary big, but he is the most gentle and loving person. However, even the ones you think won’t hurt you, will. I had just gotten out for summer break. My mom was at work, and my brothers were with me. I was sitting at home when my mom called and told me my dad had gotten into some kind of trouble with the law. She was crying, and I cried too. I didn’t know what to say or think. I hesitated to say it’s going to be