I have learned a lot of things in my life and had a lot of experiences but I’d have to say the most important thing I’ve learned is show respect. There are many stories I could tell about of how I’ve messed up by my lack of respect, but one I will always remember. When I was younger, I and my dad were going to the pool but he got angry at me and I showed horrible disrespect and it turned into a whole fight. I was crying like crazy and I ran away to my cousin’s house next door. They were worried and shocked when they saw me. Me being the disrespectful one, I lied to them and told them my dad was hurting me when he was really just trying to teach me right and hold me down. My dad found me and told them everything and they definitely agreed with him. We went to the pool anyway and took my cousin with us. The whole time I just wanted to cry. I felt so horrible and embarrassed by myself and what I did. We finally got home and my dad told me to stay in the car