On top of a 1,000 pound animal is where I learn the best. Racing towards an obstacle with the hopes of jumping over it is the most exhilarating experience I can ever remember. I’ll never forget the first time I fell in love with a horse. Her name was Scripture; she was a 3-year-old goof ball of a Thoroughbred. When she arrived she tripped over her feet, she barely knew how to jump, and I was way past her level. Nevertheless, for some reason, we clicked. At first, all the girls I was taking lessons with wanted to ride her. I mean she was new, and tall; who wouldn’t? Gradually, they all decided she was not worth their time, and so she was left to me, the kid who never complained about what horse they got to ride. The kid who wasn’t so ungrateful as she would ride ANYTHING the teacher put her on because she just wanted to ride. As Scripture and I grew as a team, I began to learn how to signal her when to slow down, and when to speed up. I learned why she tripped over herself, and how to stop it. I learned that