We wake up bright and early; the sun hasn’t even popped up over the hills. I have been dreaming and talking about this wonderful day for weeks. I was smiling from ear to ear. This was the day I was finally going to be named the best fisherman, with the biggest fish. I was packing the truck up with all the equipment that we need for the amazing day. I didn’t mind packing it all by myself because, at the end of the day, I knew everyone was going to be jealous. Then we were finally on the way for me to be titled the best fisherman. On the way there, my mother and grandmother were listening to old people’s music. This drive was the longest drive in my life, I thought to myself. When we finally got there, I was the first one out of the truck, of course. As I sat down to fish, my phone was ringing. I answered it and my grandfather said, “Remember what I told you! Take your time, don’t worry about the other people there, and of course have fun at it.” As he talked the only thing running through my head was,