When I was a kid, I used to pick on a kid smaller than me and it really made him upset. A few years went by and I kept picking on him and one day he finally got tired and started to hit me, and, well, you know, I started to hit him back. We got in trouble, but you know I learned something that day that changed my life: everyone wants to be treated the same. Another time, when I was a little bit older, there was this kid who never had any friends and everyone called him names, pushed him down, and hit him; however, there was this one older boy and he and his friends picked on him the worst. This bully would push him down, call him ugly names, knock his books down, and randomly punch him. One day I saw them doing the same thing over and over again: knocking this poor kid’s books out of his hands, and I finally said, “Enough is enough!” I went over to pick up his books and said to the older boys,” Hey you need to stop picking on him.” Then they said” What are you going to