Personally, I think that people learn from their surroundings and the events that have gone on in their past. I’ve never really had any self confidence or faith in myself. I was always compared to my older sister and brothers, and, really, mainly my sister because she’s good at everything. She’s very pretty, skinny, a great artist, and a majorette at the University of Georgia. I was never anything like her and I couldn’t stand always being in her shadow. I’m the exact opposite of her and I always felt like I could never do anything right, if it wasn’t the way my sister did it. My sister could do no wrong when it came to my father, and everything was always my fault. I rarely liked to play sports on a team, because I didn’t like people watching me, especially if I messed up. Well, I had never shown pigs before and I wanted to try it in the 9th grade. I really had no idea about how to go about it or anything about it in general. When I started, I still didn’t know much. I tried my best to do everything like the other people who had