I think people learn by listening to other people and their stories. I learn a lot from my parents and their stories. The ideal learning place is everywhere. To create more learning environments is to know you don’t have to create them; they’re everywhere. I have a problem in that I’m not confident in myself. I don’t like the way I look or feel. But that has all changed because of my family and friends and my “everywhere” lesson. I always wear my favorite blue sweater because I feel like it hides me so people can’t really see what I look like. Which is a good thing because well there more to love with me. So all of my friends and family always tell me to take my jacket off, but I can’t. Every day I unzip it a little but by the end of the day it’s all way back up again and I feel like I’m getting nowhere. However, a couple of months ago I forgot my jacket at home and so I was left with nothing to cover myself with. And that day was awesome because everyone told me I looked really cute. The next day, I