Here recently, I’ve learned to trust myself more and to never judge someone by their past. I learned this by telling a trusted person basically my whole life story, and they just made everything so much worse for me. I do a lot for other people: like giving them advice, listening to them, or helping them when they need it. However, in contrast, when it came to helping me, I had few friends- maybe three I would talk to about things. One of those three friends was someone I THOUGHT I could trust with my life. That’s how much I trusted this person. When we first met, this person was very nice indeed, but as the months went by, this person changed. A lot. We could never just talk anymore; we argued about everything. I told them everything that they wanted to know when they asked. After I shared everything with them, they just threw it back in my face, like I was a bad person. They held my past against me, and I guess, since people do that I decided to put everything that I have in my school work, and to better myself for the real world. This