I think learning not to care what other people think is very important. It can help you learn to be yourself. My experience with this concept has helped me so much. Before, when I cared what others thought, I would try so hard to get people to like me. I had popular friends and always fit in. Then I realized I did things like my friends did and those things weren’t really me. One time I remembered is when all my friends had pretty hairstyles and I wanted to have it to. So I went and got my hair cut and fixed like theirs and found out that it didn’t look good on me and I wasn’t happy with it. I did things like this until the 8th grade. Whenever my friends got something new or they thought something was cool, I would get it too or do it too, but deep down I really didn’t think it was cool. So , one day, I bought something that I liked and showed it to my friends, but they didn’t like it. After that happened, I was sad and thought none of my friends liked me. A few days later, I