Perhaps an old story for some, but for me teachers changed my life… that is why I became one. Growing up in Appalachia, southeastern Ohio, small city, an African-American with a thirst for knowledge and more knowledge, that was me. No one in past generations had gone off to college, a high school education had never been earned but I was lucky because i was taught that education is power. It was instilled in me at an early age. I learned to read when I was four years old and I learned in a most unconventional way. Each morning I would find something in my grandmother’s kitchen to read. It started out with the milk carton and graduated to her old but precious cook books and her Bible. Reading became an intricate part of my morning routine. When I found a new word I would pronounce it over and over again and then want to learn just what it meant. Homogenized was one the first word that captured my attention. It makes me smile each time I think of sitting at the breakfast table asking my grandmother what the word meant. A self taught woman, who never made it passed