My sixth grade linguistics teacher, Mrs. Panek, gave me a love of the English language and of teaching. I loved everything about her: she was pretty, she was nice, she had beautiful handwriting, and she was in love with the English language and teaching as well. I began to idolize her and wanted to be just like her. In order to pass our sixth grade English class, we had to memorize the eight parts of speech and be able to identify them in a sentence. In order to do that, she taught us how to diagram sentences. I just seemed to have a knack for this and enjoyed it so much that, if my friends couldn’t come out to play, I would go to the library and diagram sentences for fun! What a nerd I was. We also had to memorize all of the state-of-being verbs and linking verbs. Another thing that Mrs. Panek made us do that we absolutely HATED was to give a different kind of speech (from memorization) in front of the class each month. We did advertising speeches, campaign speeches, pantomimes, as well as speeches where we learned to outline our material on notecards. I remember being so