Even though my parents were illustrious educators in my home town of Albuquerque NM, I never was a very good student. I went through the paces, kept a low profile in class, earned Bs and Cs, and just waited for football or baseball practice after school. I think I was good at sports because there was something on the line. I wanted to win and I wanted to be on a team that won. There was something so tangible about it. Your coach and teammates expected you to perform and working hard in practice directly correlated to winning on Friday night. Conversely, school seemed like practice, but there was no game. After high school, I went to college and struggled. However, I ultimately learned how to ‘do’ school and earned a graduate fellowship to study public policy. After a fantastic first job in Chicago working for a non-profit that was a pivotal player in school reform during the early 90s, I moved back home and took a job working for the New Mexico Legislature. I had gotten through two college degrees, worked in the most exciting school reform environment in the country, and now at age 26 I was in