I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut, but I just want to share a story of my learning experience while attending high school. During my freshman and sophomore year of high school, the routine of attending class, drafting reports, and completing homework were entirely unpleasant. Listening to teachers explaining hypothetical theories about the nature logarithms or someone lecturing about the biography of a great writer seemed distantly irrelevant to my future plans. My entire day rested around the extracurricular or athletic activities occurring before or after school. This was the problem, my peers and I experienced: Teachers were unwilling or incapable of energetically presenting a subject in attempting to elicit excitement from their students in a given subject. As a middle school student, I certainly didn’t imagine not trying to fulfill the capacity in academics once I reached high school. However, my sophomore US History teacher provided the initial impetus to exuberantly pursue my academic interests. He was not only knowledgeable and willing to answer questions about the issue at hand, but he presented information with a passion. As if somehow the effects of the US’s Reformation, or JFK’s assassination could somehow profoundly benefit me in my