After teaching math and special education for 10 years in a variety of high schools and middle schools, I began teaching at Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH. When Souhegan opened in 1992, it’s guiding documents centered around the principles of the Coalition of Essential Schools. The practices of asking students to be a partner in their education and to demonstrate their learning through exhibitions has allowed students to actively engage in their education and grow as individuals. Many students come to mind as I think of those that would have been lost in many of the schools in which I had previously worked. One in particular I remember meeting on the first day of school in advisory. Before starting classes on the first day, we gather with our new advisees and make sure their schedules are set and begin to get to know each other. When we gathered, there was one student sitting in the corner with his back to the rest of us. I went over and asked if he would join us and he promplty asnwered “No!” I did manage to get him to turn around and listen (I think). As the year progressed, this student engaged