I felt safe and comfortable around her. I was eager to go to school every day because I just couldn’t wait to be in my English Language teacher’s classroom. It was not just the classroom that was inspirational, I just don’t have words powerful enough to describe her lessons that took us one rung higher each day. Mrs. Kashora’s classroom was not only a learning beehive, but it was a beautiful gallery that took you to all parts of the world where you learned about a people you never met. It was a visual thesaurus;a learning tool for her students that were 95% English Language learners. This was during a time when technological resources were limited, but this resourceful teacher used the walls of her classroom as a resource for her students. I will ever be grateful to Mrs. Kashora for instilling a sense of self worth in not only me but to all those who were fortunate to be her students. She encouraged us and respected every effort we made to learn.From her, I learned that failure is just a learning opportunity: an experience from which you come out as a better person with a new approach to problem solving.From