Formula for Success by Steve J. Moore My mother always taught me to share, but I think she was more concerned with my toys. I can’t quite remember who taught me to share myself. I wouldn’t say I’m from a family of teachers (there are a few), but somewhere along the way I became fond of sharing things with others I had figured out. The delight came for me in seeing that another person could bypass some sort of suffering that I had experienced. The greatest suffering of my life’academically’came during college for me: organic chemistry. Most people have the wherewithal to run the opposite direction from a class like o-chem, but I have always been attracted to dangerous things. Never has my brain been so punished, sleep been put off for so long, or my eyes burned by so many lachrymatory fumes. I agonized for a B in this class through six-hour labs, pages of reports, and acid burns (I melted a pair of glasses actually) among other things. Before I left the wonderfully dangerous world of chemistry behind for English, I had a life-changing experience; I was asked to teach. Through some miracle (or clerical error I’m sure) I ended up being