I moved to Foothill Farms Elementary School my sixth grade year…moving was a part of my life being a military brat in and out of D.O.D. schools. My dad was getting ready to retire, so our family bought a house and planted some roots near Foothill High School, Sacramento, CA. I started mid-year at a public school for a change…Enter Mr. Starkey…towering over us at a mere 6’3″ or so…his wrinkles and gray told me he knew a thing or two about life…so I listened and waited…I was accustomed to silence for the first six months when entering a new school, but that would soon leave me zero friends company over summer break. He could tell I had severe test anxiety, fear of failure, and poor self image, and went to work right away to distract me towards productivity. He had a healthy sarcasm in his discipline of kids, helping us to see personal fouls before they became too problematic. He was an ornithology buff, a hunter, and an infamous cook. His neighboring team mate, Mr. Saunders, had a more scholastic approach and was deep into Astronomy. The last few months of school, the duo spent hours laboring over the