It is up to each of us to define ourselves, and that is a life’s work. Like so many others, I grew up unaware that there could be a process for becoming successful. Without any guidelines for designing a plan for myself, I was for a long time left without any real sense of direction. Then I met Bob Brown, and my world changed. Bob was a successful businessman and management consultant in North Carolina, where I also lived. I was a thirty-year-old employee of the prison system and unsure of where I was headed. We were both black men, but whereas I saw a world of limited possibilities, Bob’s worldview was limitless. I knew this the moment I met him at a friend’s house. He walked differently, talked differently’everything about him was larger, more confident, and more impressive. And it made me want to learn everything I could from him. I got my chance shortly after our first meeting. ‘Do you play golf?’ Bob asked me, knowing I was an active athlete. ‘Yes,’ I said’although I had grown up not knowing fully the challenges of golf and had only caddied as a young person. ‘Great,’ Bob replied. ‘Would you