In February some years ago, I was asked to teach a 7/8 grade combined classroom in a small rural K-8 school for the rest of the year. I didn’t know the students. So, I realized, I needed to do all I could to get to know them as quickly as possible. Among the many things we did together, I asked some of the brawnier kids to take some computers (they were much heavier then) out of a storage closet and set them up. This one 7th grader — I’d read the file on his test scores the night before — was supposedly able to read only at the first grade level. He set up one of the computers, then pulled out the manual (computer manuals were not very readable back then), and then properly connected the keyboard and monitor. He then, to my amazement, looked through the manual and started to enter a program in BASIC. I asked him how he knew to do this. “Oh, it’s no sweat, the manual lays it all out”, he said. ”Say, would you mind creating a how-to guide for the other kids, helping them learn to do what you just did?” I asked. ”You bet,”