When people ask why I became a teacher I have quite the story to tell. Yeah, there were some inspirational and motivational teachers in my junior and senior high school. I am a teacher much like the one’s who inspired me to want to be a teacher. But I have to say where it all started for me was back in the summer of my 7th grade school year I was out looking for mowing jobs and stopped at a house not too far from where I lived. I approached the house with reluctance as it was a new couple and I heard they were the new pastors at the local Lutheran Church. They gladly accepted my offer of mowing the their lawn and I spent my summer mowing grass and getting to know Pastors Arvid and Kim. They convinced me to attend confirmation classes, of course I knew all the kids, however they were a year younger than I was. But I attended and it honestly changed my life forever. I was not from a family that was “churched” and we were one of the families that lived on the other side of the tracks. We had no money and