One of my most powerful learning experiences resulted from a textbook that contained a considerable number of errors. Back in the 1970’s, I took a Digital Electronics class and the disciplines in this field were fairly new, at the time. Our instructor, Mr. Dennis Winter was initially very disappointed that the text he had chosen for our class was saturated with errors. I did not know this at the time, but Mr. Winter recognized that his students had already purchased the text and he was not going to request his students to purchase another book. Mr. Winter decided to challenge us to find the mistakes throughout the text, and he provided various incentives when we did. We really ripped into the text, we were inspired by the thought of being the person that found the most mistakes. It was amazing to see how much and how fast we were learning while looking for mistakes. I do not even remember when we realized that in order for us to find the mistakes, we had to figure out what was correct, meaning that we really had to critically think through the material that we had. I learned several powerful lessons from this