There are 2 teachers who were instrumental in my life, one from elementary and one from high school. First, Shirley Brown. When I was in 2nd grade, I almost died at my elementary school halloween carnival when I was run over by the wheels of a moving hayride. I’m still legally blind in one eye from that accident, but what I remember most that year was my teacher who gave me a lifetime of inspiration. It was how and what she taught us and had nothing to do with my accident, but when I think about any disability I have I remember how able bodied she was from her wheelchair. I wish I could find her to thank her personally. I don’t think I knew how at that time. She was always rolling around in the class to write our assignments on the board, take us to lunch, etc. I watched her arrive at school early before school and later after school as she departed. She had a specially designed car that allowed her to drive with her special abilities. I refuse to say disabilities because she was able in every way that mattered to me. The custodian lifted her