Mr. Ward created a 60-member chorus and a 60-member marching band from a small high school student body in a DOD (Department of Defense) school in Berlin, Germany, during the days of the ‘Cold War’ – and he did so in only 4-5 years’ time. Mr. Ward was from California, and for military kids who identified each other by the state they were from, California was considered a beacon of coolness. It didn’t hurt that Mr. Ward had a handsome boyishness about him, either, although he was quite the experienced teacher and musician who held a deep knowledge of both music and an understanding of the adolescent heart. Mr. Ward taught us about the pride and discipline necessary to create beautiful harmonies and the rhythms of being in synchronization. The chorus and band had beautiful robes and uniforms that showed the school colors of maroon and white. To enhance the band’s performance at sports events, baton twirlers/cheerleaders wore stunning outfits of maroon velvet trimmed with white fur that were ordered from – California (!) When Mr. Ward decided that the band should become an orchestra, he foraged for violins, violas and cellos which students could purchase for unheard-of yard sale