Schaumburg School District 54 is the largest elementary school district in the state of Illinois. Located in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, District 54 is composed of 27 diverse schools and services over 13,800 students in grades PreK-8th grade. Over the course of the past five years, District 54 has witnessed unprecedented gains in academic achievement. Specifically, the District has increased its percentage of students meeting state proficiency standards in reading from 76% in 2005 to 87.5% in 2009. Achievement gains in math have been even more dramatic with the district moving from 80% of students meeting state proficiency standards in 2005 to over 93% of students meeting state standards in 2009. Overall, the district has moved from being ranked 241st in academic achievement amongst all districts in the state of Illinois in 2005 to 96th in 2009. These dramatic improvements in academic achievement are the direct result of the district’s implementation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work model developed by leading educational consultants Dr. Rick DuFour, Becky DuFour and Dr. Bob Eaker. School District 54’s road to improvement began during the fall of 2005 when school teams – alongside members of the Board of Education, district administration and union leadership –