One might wonder how a hair dresser for 20 years becomes a teacher after all of those years. 29 years ago I was entering high school as a freshman. Things were pretty bleak; my family did not have a lot of money. We received every free service that was offered. I have two brothers and one sister all high school drop outs. The odd of myself graduating did not look good. You might think to yourself ‘parents’ where they are. Well both my parents are high school drop outs. They were busy working trying to pay the bills. I have often joked that by the time I came around they were just tired of fighting all of us to go to school. During my freshman year I missed around 100 days of school. I actually passed two classed, gym and typewriting. The truant officer had been to my house several times. They knew that if they fined my parents they couldn’t pay so the school decided that the best thing for me was to place me in Vo-Tech. My sophomore year I entered the cosmetology program. This year was a little better but I continued to miss