I teach gifted students, k-12, in a small school. So, i have the easy job right? Wrong. If you have not worked with gifted children exclusively, you have no idea of their woes. They are greatly at risk of falling through the cracks, because the popular theory is, “they are smart, they will make it”. There are so many holes in this theory, I would not know where to begin to dispute it. My classroom goal is to provide opportunities for the students to have new academic experiences that they might not otherwise have. As valuable as this is, it is only the secondary goal. My first goal is to provide a safe haven. My classroom is the place these 45 students can walk through the door and sigh with relief. They have made it to the one place that they won’t be judged. I try to see each person for who they are and what they need at this moment in their ever-changing lives. My favorite story is about a freshman boy who just could not seem to do anything right in any of his classes. If he was quiet he got in trouble, if he was mouthy he got