March 13, 2010 Dear Mrs. Fortin, I was in your 4th grade class at Market Street School in 1975. I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Education Program at the University of Southern Maine and will graduate from the ETEP (Extended Teacher Education Program) program in May 2010. I was given the assignment of writing a letter to the best teacher I have ever had: Mrs. Dot Fortin I always felt safe and loved in your classroom. You had, and still have, such charisma and charm; I can still picture your smile and hear the sound of your laughter. I felt all the children in your classroom were your favorites and you treated us all with special care, engaged each student, preserved our dignity, highlighted our strengths and created scaffolds to improve our weaknesses. I was motivated to learn because you presented such practical, hands on activities which were often exciting and interesting. You showed us how to explore, question and discover without letting on that you were giving us some of the most important tools we would need and use to find our own path in life. I was motivated to go to school and to succeed